Amazing Ufree Hair Curler wand set

Beauty Curling Wand Set & Flat Iron FAQ

If you have any questions left about the Aashi Beauty hair styling products, you’re free to explore the below FAQ section. Below is the most frequently asked questions about the Ufree Beauty hair styling tools.

What are their styling wands made from?

Ufree Beauty flat iron and the interchangeable curling wand heads are made from titanium.

Why Titanium?

Ceramics is the typical choice when it’s about making hair styling tools. However, the Aashi Beauty brand opts for titanium because it transfers heat better and minimizes heat damage.

Do the Ufree Beauty styling tools come with a LCD screen?

All hair styling tools feature a LCD screen for our maximum convenience. I personally love this tiny high-tech cutting edge feature that, in combination with the rest, transforms my hairstyling routine into entertainment.

Can hair styling tools automatically turn themselves off?

This feature is easily adjustable whenever necessary. So if you don’t always trust yourself when it’s about turning off your flat iron before you leave home for work , these tools are perfect for you. They turn themselves off automatically. 

What are the main features of the Ufree Beauty hairstyling tools?

Here they are:

  • LCD display
  • Velcro and UL plugs
  • dual voltage
  • auto power off functionality
  • power swivel cord